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To make man whole through Christ's love


Director greeting

Norris  Matsumoto

The Adventist Medical Center has been proudly serving the local community, Okinawans and foreigners alike, for 58 years, It was started by a missionary doctor and small staff as a clinic in Shuri. Our mission statement has been “To Make Man Whole”.

This embodies the core value that healing includes physical, spiritual and social well-being.

Although small in scale, our hospital offers a variety of health services including general primary care, dentistry ,physical therapy, hospice, health evaluation and promotion.

We at AMC are committed to continue providing sincere, high-quality health care to all. By doing so, we hope to bring true healing to the sick and to give glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ.


868 Kochi, Nishihara city, Okinawa
TEL(098)946-2833 / (098)946-2834(dentistry)
(098)946-2844(wellness center)
Free parking available


Adventist Medical Center has several unique features .

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  • wellness center
  • laser hair removal
  • dentistry
  • dentistry